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I have been searching for this. All the related Java APIs are worked on images. They get the information from barcode contained in the images and print barcode to images.

My question is how to get the barcode directly from the scanner in Java? Is there any API I am missing to read barcode directly from scanner? Or, whether I need to generate in-memory image from the information got by the scanner?

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Please look to increase that accept rate. –  Andrew Thompson Oct 29 '12 at 4:07
Please give your code, which will be helpful more. –  sunleo Oct 29 '12 at 4:13
I found this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/6969324/1599609 I'm trying to do the same thing, will post back when I finish implementing in JavaFX2 –  Josue Ibarra Feb 28 at 18:59
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AFAIK, most of barcode scanners have keyboard emulation mode. You can attach scanner to your PC, scan the barcode and scanner will provide you with barcode information emulating ordinary keypresses which you can capture in any acceptable way (e.g. as keypresslistener or inputfield in Java Swing)

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