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I am loading a map of values into ServletContext during start of the application/server

HashMap<String, List<String>> cfsUfsMap = new HashMap<String, List<String>>();
//some operations
application.setAttribute("UDM_UFS_CFS_MAP", cfsUfsMap); //application = ServletContext

I need to use this map directly in JSP page, for which I have done this

<s:set name="udm_cfs_ufs_map" value="#application.UDM_UFS_CFS_MAP" />
<table class="first" width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" id="sups_assignedservices_info_table">
    <th width="30%">Assigned service name </th>
    <th width="15%">CFS Code </th>
    <th width="15%">Status </th>
    <th width="20%">Date </th>
    <th width="20%">UDM </th>
<s:iterator value="#sups_services.services">
    <s:set name="ufs_list" value="#udm_cfs_ufs_map.['top.code']" /> 
        <td class="light"><s:property value="top.name"/> </td>
        <td class="light"><s:property value="top.code"/> </td>
        <td class="light"><s:property value="top.status"/> </td>
        <td class="light"><s:property value="top.date"/> </td>  
        <td class="light"><s:property value="#udm_cfs_ufs_map.size()" /> - <s:property value="#ufs_list.size()" /></td>

As you see, I am trying to get the values (List) from map using key which's top.code However I am getting original map size but not the list size based on key.

Any idea what's missing/going wrong

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I solved it myself. I am posting my mistakes and the correct solution. SO down the line it might be useful to someone

to access servletContext attributes

<s:set name="udm_cfs_ufs_map" value="#application.UDM_UFS_CFS_MAP" />

for fetching the content from the map based on key

<s:iterator value="#sups_services.services">
<s:set name="ufs_list" value="#udm_cfs_ufs_map[top.code]" />
    <td class="light"><s:property value="top.name" /></td>
    <td class="light"><s:property value="top.code" /></td>
    <td class="light"><s:property value="top.status" />
    <td class="light"><s:property value="top.date" /></td>
    <td class="light"><s:iterator value="ufs_list">
            <s:property />
            <br />

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I'd rather see a var in the iterator tag; using top, while it works, is rather sensitive to any changes that might affect what's actually on top of the stack. – Dave Newton Oct 29 '12 at 13:58

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