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I'm trying to create an installer in VS2010.

My situation is: I have 2 app, during installing a application, I need to check if the other app exists or not. If it exists, just install the first app, otherwise install both of them. How can I do this in VS2010. I've searched and find a solution here. But I don't know where I can put these codes.

Any instruction in details would be appreciated. Thank you.

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You probably will want to look into creating a Custom BootStrapper

From above link:

The Setup program is a generic installer that can be configured to detect and install redistributable components such as Windows Installer (.msi) files and executable programs. The installer is also known as a bootstrapper. It is programmed through a set of XML manifests that specify the metadata to manage the installation of the component.

The bootstrapper first detects whether any of the prerequisites are already installed. If prerequisites are not installed, first the bootstrapper shows the license agreements. Second, after the end-user accepts the license agreements, the installation begins for the prerequisites. Otherwise, if all the prerequisites are detected, the bootstrapper just starts the application installer.

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