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we are following the steps mentioned in the infocentersybase. we need to register a cal back to retrive the, the following step

**To configure an application to synchronize and retrieve MBO data you must start the client engine, configure the physical device settings, listen for messages from the server, and subscribe to a package. 1. Register a callback. Development Task Flows Developer Guide: iOS Native Applications 13 The client framework uses a callback mechanism to notify the application when messages arrive from the server. Some examples of events that are sent include login success or failure, subscription success or failure, or a change to a MBO. Register the callback object by executing:

MyCallbackHandler* theCallbackHandler = [MyCallbackHandler new]; [SampleApp_SampleAppDB registerCallbackHandler:theCallbackhandler];


we have SUPCallBackHandler.h file and SUPDefaultCallBackHandler.h in the public directory. so Where should we write the corresponding .m files. Please help us. if question is not clear then jus read that above mentioned step and please explain what does that mean. please help us.

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