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I use a Wordpress plugin called Sharebar, but because of a new theme I want to implement, I would like to stop the sharebar from floating after it has reached a certain div id or class. I've seen solutions where you can restrict it based on pixels from the bottom, but since I have a comments section, the footer obviously can vary in size. Here is the entire jQuery code for reference.

jQuery.fn.sharebar = function(options) {
    var defaults = {horizontal: true, swidth: 65, minwidth: 1000, position: 'left', leftOffset: 20, rightOffset: 10};
    var opts = jQuery.extend(defaults, options); var o = jQuery.meta ? jQuery.extend({}, opts, jQueryjQuery.data()) : opts;

    var w = jQuery(window).width();
    var sharebar = jQuery('#sharebar');
    var sharebarx = jQuery('#sharebarx');
    var parent = jQuery(sharebar).parent().width();
    var start = sharebar_init();

    function sharebar_init(){
        if (o.position == 'left') jQuery(sharebar).css('marginLeft',(0-o.swidth-o.leftOffset));
        else {
        if(w < o.minwidth && o.horizontal) jQuery(sharebarx).slideDown();
        else jQuery(sharebar).fadeIn();
        jQuery.event.add(window, "scroll", sharebar_scroll);
        jQuery.event.add(window, "resize", sharebar_resize);
        return jQuery(sharebar).offset().top;
    function sharebar_resize() {
        var w = jQuery(window).width();
            if(o.horizontal) jQuery(sharebarx).slideDown();
            if(o.horizontal) jQuery(sharebarx).slideUp();
    function sharebar_scroll() {
        var p = jQuery(window).scrollTop();
        var w = jQuery(window).width();
        jQuery(sharebar).css('position',((p+10)>start) ? 'fixed' : 'absolute');
        jQuery(sharebar).css('top',((p+10)>start) ? '10px' : '');


Any help will be appreciated.

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For One of My Project I have used Contained Stick Scroll Jquery Plugin. It Works Perfect as per your requirement.


try this one.. Hope this Help !!

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