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in my project i have to display the selected state as a caption in jqGrid. but $(document).ready(function() show the first value only in the jqGrid. how i change the next value in the jqGrid on the ($(document).ready(function()).

$(document).ready(function(), it will load the first condition only how i can get the next values.


    current_search = $('#search_type').val();
    var Statevalue = $('#stateId').val(); 
    var tableheadings="";

        tableheadings = 'Maryland' ;
    else if(Statevalue=='DC')
        tableheadings= 'District Of Columbia';

in this it will done the 'MD' only in $(document).ready(function(). how i will and set the caption for dc and vr.

my caption syntax:

    'Incident Listing By Congressional District :' + tableheadings);

i need how to access the next values in the $(document).ready(function().

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Many things are stay unclear from the text of your question: Where you create jqGrid? Where you call setCaption? How HTML looks like especially controls like #stateId, how it will be filled? Do you use some events like change event handler on the #stateId to change title of jqGrid on every change of #stateId? It's important to understand the order of execution of the fragments of the code. You wrote in the title of your question about some "submit button". Which button you mean? –  Oleg Oct 29 '12 at 8:45

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You should be doing this on load complete action of jqgrid. Think of it like this. Your jqgrid gets loaded after dom ready and once its complete you can run a function onLoadComplete and change caption. If you do before load complete then jqgrid will replace it.

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