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I am modifying Media_capture_using_capture_device_sample sample code. I want to use StartRecordToCustomSinkAsync instead of StartRecordToStorageFileAsync. In the example code I have just replaced the required API as below :

In AdvancedCapture.xaml.cpp,

instead of below API

create_task(m_mediaCaptureMgr->StartRecordToStorageFileAsync(recordProfile, this->m_recordStorageFile)).then([this](task<void> recordTask)

I have put

task<void>(m_mediaCaptureMgr->StartRecordToCustomSinkAsync(recordProfile,"GrayscaleTransform.GrayscaleEffect",nullptr)).then([this](task<void> recordTask)

[My intention is to receive frames in custom sink]

When I call StartRecordToCustomSinkAsync it enters the immidiate try block executes recordTask.get() and then enters catch block with InvalidCastException

Pls help me to understand the scenario...

Thanks in advance

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