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I want to use ffmpeg library in my application so I wrote an Android.mk file as follow:

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)

include $(CLEAR_VARS)
LOCAL_C_INCLUDES += $(LOCAL_PATH)/android-8/armv5te/include/


LOCAL_MODULE    := FilterEngine
    decoding_encoding.c \

LOCAL_LDLIBS    := -lm -llog -ljnigraphics -L$(LOCAL_PATH)/android-8/armv5te/lib/ -lavcodec -lavfilter -lavutil -lm -lz
LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES := avcodec avfilter avutil


This make file only builds the library for ARM v5 CPU, to create an ARM v7 build of the library I have to modify the Android.mk file (change from armv5te to armv7a). How can I specify 2 types of CPU in the make file so I can build the library for both CPUs at one. Thanks in advance.

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Isn't ARMv7 backward compatible with ARMv5? –  keltar Oct 29 '12 at 6:46
Oh, I didn't know that, but if we specify 2 types of CPU, are there any performance advantages? –  tunght_53 Oct 29 '12 at 6:57
I have no ideas how you could compile one binary for two CPU architectures at once. It could only mean that you create two different binaries, and distribute them separately. –  keltar Oct 29 '12 at 8:44
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In your jni folder make "Application.mk" and add the desired target architectures, for example:

APP_ABI := armeabi armeabi-v7a x86

Next, change your Android.mk to use: $(TARGET_ARCH_ABI) where you have the architecture hardcoded.

I'm doing something similar with FFmpeg. Here is a link for further reference:


Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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