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If yes, please give a reference. I did a little googling with no result. I want to use olap4j to query the cubes and use the result in a web application. But, I don't need any of the features of bi-server. According to tutorials, the olap schemas have to be published on an instance of bi-server. So isn't it really possible to have cubes built, processed and queried independently?

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Try a pure javascript pivot table component at webpivottable . Here is the demo . No plugin, no back end dependence. It connect to XMLA service directly and have MDX mode. –  Sean Zhao Sep 25 '13 at 15:53

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Olap4j is the main programming API for Mondrian. You do not need a Pentaho BI server to use Mondrian. You should read this tutorial to get you started.

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Take a look at Saiku - this will handle the server side of mondrian for you and is built from the ground up for integration, so may be easier than using olap4j directly ( saiku itself uses olap4j of course)

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Do you mean you just want to use API functions of mondrian.jar in java class or servlet, instead of via JSP page?

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You can deploy the .xml file in tomcat server or saiku server and run it.

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