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I have the following data structure:

_id: "ca06ef84-5934-498e-9887-8a3241e713f2"
answers: Object
owner: "273b7291-df2b-494c-bd9b-64e71283447e"
Topic: "My Topic"
__proto__: Object

Where answers is:

1: Object
answer: "My Answer"
__proto__: Object

How can I use mongodb to push in n additional answers objects? Thus far I have something like this, which of course is completely wrong. Am I walking down the wrong path?

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db.collection.update({_id: <id>},{"$push":{"answers":{"hi":"new"}}})

or you can use $addToSet instead $push to add only unique answers. Also take a look on 'upsert' parameter to add new topics without checking it existance.

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Thanks for your help! – JZ. Oct 29 '12 at 14:16

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