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There is a need to use the built in device camera flash as a torch. Unfortunately I don't have access to an Android device so I can only use the Android emulator. How can I validate that my code does work?

I have been trying several times to update my app with different ways to access the camera flash and each time the app was crashed.

My app minimum OS version is 2.2,

At the moment I'm using the following code

private void turnFlashOn() {
        camera =;
        Parameters p = camera.getParameters();

    private void turnFlashOff() {
        camera =;
        Parameters p = camera.getParameters();

Haven't tested it yet.

What is your way to use the camera flash?


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I'd start by adding some debug code. Catch/display exceptions and the like. For example, if returns null, your code will generate a NullPointerException. – Jan Dvorak Oct 29 '12 at 7:52
Use this below link you will get better idea. Refer this – Arvind Kanjariya Oct 30 '12 at 6:14
When your question is "why does this crash?" you should always post the stack trace! you are not describing anything about the actual problem. – Sean Owen Nov 7 '12 at 9:21

The first two errors here is that you have called twice and never close it. You need to open it in onResume() and close it in onPause(), and in between operate on the Camera handle you obtained.

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You can debug on emulator and mock camera class (with jmockit) , but you will have to be careful - not every camera on real devices supports torch mode ( or have a flash at all) - so you will have to check whether camera object supports this.

Once you got your code working correclty, you will still have to test it on real device ( hint: you can recruit testers on android developers mailing lists if you ask politely and provide signed APK somewhere on the web so people can install it )

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