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I've written some fancy code to play around with Swagger API filtering:

public class ApiAuthorizationFilterImpl implements ApiAuthorizationFilter {
    public boolean authorize(String apiPath, String method, HttpHeaders headers, UriInfo uriInfo) {
        return true;

    public boolean authorizeResource(String apiPath, HttpHeaders headers, UriInfo uriInfo) {
        return true;

Then I've extended my web.xml file with these lines:


But this doesn't seem to work. Whenever I call my REST methods, there are neither stops in debugger in ApiAuthorizationFilterImpl nor lines printed.
Am I missing something?

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The filtering will apply to the documentation, not the method invocation itself. See if hitting the swagger documentation resource directly (i.e. http://{your-server}:8080/user.json) and you should see the printlns emitted.

To secure the methods themselves, you would write a separate filter, or share the logic across the swagger and invocation filter.

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