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I want to send some image files via CakePHP mail.

Currently I am using $this->Email->attachments = array($Path.$fileName); for one file only I want to send multiple files in one email.

Thanking you!

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It works just like described in the manual, simply add more paths to the array.


$this->Email->attachments = array(
    $Path . $fileName,
    $Path . $someOtherFile
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Tanks a lot. for your ref. i used code $this->Email->attachments= array($this->data['form']['file0']['name']=>$this->data['form']['file0']['tmp_na‌​me'],$this->data['form']['file1']['name']=>$this->data['form']['file1']['tmp_name‌​']); code thanks –  RavatSinh Sisodiya Oct 29 '12 at 9:16

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