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After the first group message the strophe.muc plugin doesn't react on the following messages. I get the first presence, message and roster from the room, but all subsequent messages and presence stanzas will not trigger the functions. I think there is something wrong with the lines:

this.rooms[room].addHandler('message', msg_handler_cb);
this.rooms[room].addHandler('presence', pres_handler_cb);
this.rooms[room].addHandler('roster', roster_cb);

my code:

    join: function(){
          console.log("joining room");
          var self = this;
          connection.muc.join("room@conference.server", "john", self.onMessage,  self.onPresence, self.onRoster);

    onMessage: function(message){            
          var self = this;       
         var body = $(message).text();
         var from = $(message).attr("from");
      onPresence: function(presence){
      onRoster: function(roster){
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Handlers that wish to continue being invoked should return true.

So just append return true; to all your handlers.

It's mentioned in the docs:

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This is exactly what I was not able to understand without your answer :-) Awesome! – genericatz Oct 30 '12 at 17:43

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