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Here I want to know about the best practice first.

Assume we create a category using symfony2 sonata admin bundle then it creates the slug as well

e.g. Name: "My Category" Slug: "my-category"

Now when I edit Category name to "My Category Edited" the slug becomes "my-category-edited".

So first question

Is it good to change slug every time we edit something? As that slug can be used to put a check say in some if() condition so changing the slug may break things.

My Second Question

How to avoid changing the slug on every edit? I am using Gedmo (http://gediminasm.org/article/sluggable-behavior-extension-for-doctrine-2)

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I would love to give more details if not clear. –  Dave Kirk Oct 29 '12 at 8:17

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  1. Generally, it's better to keep initial slug in order to avoid 404 not found error (if you use slug as a page identifier).

  2. Check "Some other configuration options for slug annotation" paragraph in the manual that you provided.

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Thanks Vadim. How can I miss this in docs and I agree with #1 above. –  Dave Kirk Oct 29 '12 at 8:56

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