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Now i am working on Windows 8 Metro application. For that i have a popup window with textbox and OK button. I need to hide Virtual Keyboard when "Enter" is clicked on Virtual keyboard. If i click "OK" button on popup keyboard hides automatically.

I got this Link as good reference (using HiddenField). Is there any way to done this work without using "HiddenField". Thanks in advance..

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Well finally found a solution for this issue.. I just change the focus from textbox to button in my popup.. below is the sample code..

public void FocusTextbox(object sender, EventArgs e)
        // set focus to textbox on popup open

public void Textbox_KeyDown(object sender, KeyRoutedEventArgs e)
        // conforming the "Enter" button click
        if (e.Key == Windows.System.VirtualKey.Enter)
            // change the focus to OK button

Change the focus before closing the popup... it works great now..
And changing the focus to Label or Textblock is not hiding the Virtual keyboard...

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i was also looking for this , but i found this approach first

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thanks for your response @Aviatrix.. i got one simple solution for this issue.. just check below answer... – Maniarasu Oct 29 '12 at 15:19

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