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I have this code:

SELECT  m_warehouse_id, qtyonhand 
FROM    adempiere.rv_storage
WHERE   rv_storage.m_product_id=1000412
GROUP BY m_warehouse_id, qtyonhand
ORDER BY m_warehouse_id;

that results in following table:

Now, I want to group by m_warehouse_id so it will return only 2 rows 1000000 and 1000001. qtyonhand will be sumarized and returned as sum. So table should look like:

m_warehouse_id    |    qtyonhand
10000000          |            0
10000001          |           10

How to achieve this?

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you need to use the aggregate function SUM() and grouped them by m_warehouse_id

SELECT  m_warehouse_id, SUM(qtyonhand) totalQuantity
FROM adempiere.rv_storage
WHERE rv_storage.m_product_id=1000412
GROUP BY m_warehouse_id
ORDER BY m_warehouse_id;
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I spent aged looking the sql in the question and couldn't see why the grouping was failing :-) – Preet Sangha Oct 29 '12 at 8:55
Having the correct answer within 1 minute? That's why you have 33k thank you bro hope you have a great day – Marián Zeke Šedaj Oct 29 '12 at 8:58

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