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I've encountered the Iconv::IllegalSequence error on some web pages when using mechanize lib. Is there a way to make mechanize just omit ill encoded characters and return the "cut" page? I'm aware of the related thread, but I'd rather discard some characters on the page, then re-implement encoding guessing. TIA

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Thank you very much! – alexadner Dec 24 '10 at 8:24

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The solution is to change line 40 in util.rb from

Iconv.iconv(code, "UTF-8", s).join("")


Iconv.iconv("#{code}//IGNORE", "UTF-8", s).join("")


Iconv.conv("#{code}//IGNORE", "UTF-8", s)
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Also consider using //TRANSLIT//IGNORE for mixed encoding. check and… – Khaled Jun 4 '13 at 11:53

Better solution is not changing source of util.rb, but adding in your own code something like that:

Mechanize::Util.send(:define_method, 'self.encode_to' ) { |*args|
  encoding = args[0]
  str = args[1]

    Iconv.conv(encoding.to_s + '//IGNORE', "UTF-8", str)

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