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I have around 50 xml files that are newly generated everytime I run a particular logic. Now I want these 50 files to be stored inside a particular date-time folder. No matter how many times ever I run that logic for one particular date, the xml files should be overwritten for that particular date only (based on the hhmmss). In simple , How to create a folder using a name based on the current date and store the xml files in them depending on the date?

For Eg: there are 3 xml files file_1.xml, file_2.xml and file_3.xml

Now I want a folder to be created in the format-


that would house all the xml files in them.

For Eg: Xml_20121029_180912 

would be the folder created for today's date. And all the 3 xml files will be stored in this for today.

For tomorrow the folder name would be:


My code looks like below:

$location = New-Item -Path . -ItemType Directory -Name ("XML_$(Get-Date -f dd_MM_yyyy_hhmmss)")
$rptdir = "C:\Test" 
$ rptdir = ($rptdir + '\' + $location.Name)
$outputFile= "$rptdir\File_2.xml"
$row = "\\shared\Data\DevSB\CS\appSomeSystem.dll"   
& /f:$row /o:$outputFile

Output Error: Could not find part of the path "C:\test\XML_29_10_2012_091717\File2.xml.

The issue here is- The folder XML_29_10_2012_091717 is created with File2.xml in it but not inside the C:\Test but where the script is.

I need XML_29_10_2012_091717 to be created in C:\test with File2.xml inside it.

Environment: Win Xp Professional.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Try this:

New-Item -Path . -ItemType Directory -Name ("XML_$(Get-Date -f ddMMyyyy_hhmmss)")

Edit after comments:

try changing this:

$location = New-Item -Path c:\test -ItemType Directory -Name ("XML_$(Get-Date -f dd_MM_yyyy_hhmmss)")
$outputFile= "$($location.fullname)\File_2.xml"
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This kinda works..but, I have $rptDir = "C:\Test". When I assign the above to a variable say $xmlLoc = New-Item -Path . -ItemType Directory -Name ("XML_$(Get-Date -f ddMMyyyy_hhmmss)") and I append $xmlLoc to "C:\Test\$xmlLoc" it says given path's format is not supported. How can I append it? –  ashish g Oct 29 '12 at 11:35
@ashishg How are you append it? try ($rptdir + '\' + $xmlLoc.Name ). It return a string with full path –  CB. Oct 29 '12 at 11:44
I tried - $rptDir = "C:\Test" + '\' + Location.Name and the variable which I am setting for the output of the xml file is $outputFile = $rptDir\File1.xml" but still the same error. And also, in this case the xml datetime folder is created (without the xml file File1.xml in it) in the folder where the script actually is and not in $rptDir. –  ashish g Oct 29 '12 at 12:02
Please see my edits in the question –  ashish g Oct 29 '12 at 13:26
I have around 50 xml files to be stored in the datetime folder for the current date. If I try to loop in 50 files.. a new folder is getting created every minute which is inevitable. But after removing the time part (hhmmsss part) from the folder the current date folder is created but after the very first time, each time it loops through to input the xml file i get the error - xml folder already exists and it fails to write the xml file into it. –  ashish g Oct 30 '12 at 5:03

The full version is:

New-Item -Path . -ItemType Directory -Name (Get-Date -f dd_MM_yyyy)

You can also use md or mkdir

md (Get-Date -f dd_MM_yyyy)
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Please add more details about the system and the enviormant in witch you want to acomplish this task

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$location = New-Item -Path $rptdir -ItemType Directory **-force** -Name ("XML_$(Get-Date -f dd_MM_yyyy_hhmmss)")

How about adding a -force cmd-let here?

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