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Hi i'm New to write HQL Query please help me..... my Hibernate have three ValueObjects ie.

public class UserVO {

    private String s_id;

    private String firstName;
    private String email;

CourseVO class

public class CourseVO
    public String s_id;

    public String name;

Skillset VO

public class SkillsetVO 
    public String s_id;

    @Column(name="COURSE_ID")//Foreign Key "USER"
    public String course_id;

    @Column(name="USER_ID")//Foreign key "COURSE"
    public String user_id;

    public String teach_Exp;

Now How to get Values of FirstName,NAME,TEACH_EXP values using EMAIL of USER table using HQL query

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If you want to use join syntax in HQL you must work out your mapping accordingly as joins are enabled by mapping.

@Entity class A { @OneToMany private List<B> bs; }
@Entity class B { @Basic int n; }


select b from A a inner join a.b where a = :id

But with your mapping this is not possible. Also bear in mind that in terms of efficiency most of the RDBMs will perform an inner join on a where =

select u.firstName,, s.teach_Exp
from UserVO u, CourseVO c, SkillsetVO s 
    u.s_id = s.user_id 
    and c.s_id = s.course_id 
    and = :email

But I think that you must review you association. Since looks to me that SkillsetVO.user_id should be SkillsetVO.User (an association to a UserVO entity and same for CourseVO).

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Thankyou..Correct, i'm using one to many association CourseVO and UserVO class.but your query have no join why HQL not support joins?or using 'and' operator is easy and correct way? – Java Developer Oct 29 '12 at 9:56

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