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I'm using Apache Commons VFS2 API (version 2.0) for a generic implementation to FTP or SFTP files. It has been working great till we had Virtual Directories as FTP destinations. I get NullpointerException trying to obtain an OutputStream from the FileObject.


DefaultFileSystemManager fileSystemManager = new DefaultFileSystemManager();
fileSystemManager.addProvider("ftp", new FtpFileProvider());

FileObject remoteObject = fileSystemManager.resolveFile(<FTP_URL>, null);

FileObject tempObject = fileSystemManager.resolveFile(remoteObject, "ftpFile.txt");

        tempObject = fileSystemManager.createVirtualFileSystem(tempObject);     
//No file created by above actions so below gives null
OutputStream outputStream = tempObject.getContent().getOutputStream();

IOUtils.copy(inputStream, outputStream);


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how does FTP_URL look exactly, is it containing a virtual folder or the root of the server? Where is the virtual root? (BTW: you dont need to create the file if you open the output stream to it this will be done automatically). –  eckes Jan 6 at 0:07

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