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this may be silly question but yet i am unable to figure it out...

syntax of abs and abs_diff is
ugentype abs (gentype x) ugentype abs_diff (gentype x,gentype y)

let's take x=-4 and y=3

is there any difference between abs(-4-3)  and abs_diff(-4,3)  the result 

of both operation is same... if i can rewrite abs_diff as abs then why khronos gave 2 abs function

thank you

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According to abs, abs_diff man:

  • abs returns |x|.
  • abs_diff returns |x-y| without modulo overflow.
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In addition, these methods typically map to a HW feature/instruction. So if it is possible and matches your use case, use abs_diff(). – DarkZeros Nov 8 '13 at 9:34

abs(-4-3) = abs(-7) = 7

abs(-4, 3) = abs(-4 - 3) = abs(-7) = 7

there are two functions for convenience depending on which you think will be more consice for what you are doing.

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