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I am generating dynamic links using below code in mvc razor views.

@foreach (App.Models.Users item in Model )
@Html.ActionLink("Delete", "DeleteEmp", new { id = item.Id }, new { onclick = "DeleteConfirm()" })

i want to pass the id or some other filed of model(item.Name) currently clicked link to Jquery method.

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Pass the ID into your DeleteConfirm method:

@Html.ActionLink("Delete", "DeleteEmp", new { id = item.Id }, new { onclick = "DeleteConfirm(" + item.Id ")" });
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@Html.ActionLink("Delete", "DeleteEmp", new { id = item.Id }, new { @class="emp_delete", title=item.Name })

As I can see from tags, you using jquery, so you can create any attributes and then bind events, also remember about data for custom attributes.

   var $this = $(this);
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