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i'm looking to release a stand-alone patch without committing it. when i prepare a release for a version i get the following error:[ERROR] fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

can i release without committing?

for now, what i'm doing is generate a jar locally and upload it manually as an artifact.

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I had the same issue with mercurial. You need to use the -DpushChanges=false argument.

See my anwser to a similar question: link

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This still makes the commits without pushing, so you have to reset your local branch to the pre-prepared state. Any way to get around that? –  2rs2ts Oct 9 at 23:15

If you don't want to commit anything to the SCM, I think you should try do to a dry run :

Since the Release Plugin performs a number of operations that change the project, it may be wise to do a dry run before a big release or on a new project. To do this, commit all of your files as if you were about to run a full release and run:
mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true

This is a parameter of the release:prepare Mojo : dryRun.

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thanks, that's not exactly what i thought i'd find but it's sure as hell close enough :) –  levtatarov Oct 29 '12 at 14:11
Can you do a release:perform after this to publish without committing any changes? –  2rs2ts Oct 9 at 23:12
The doc (maven.apache.org/maven-release/maven-release-plugin/…) says : Dry run: don't checkout anything from the scm repository, or modify the checkout. The goals (by default at least deploy) will not be executed. –  Guillaume Husta Dec 1 at 9:47
And the goals make reference to maven.apache.org/maven-release/maven-release-plugin/…. So I guess there will be nothing deployed (distributed) on a repository. –  Guillaume Husta Dec 1 at 9:49

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