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I have the following models


has_many :leave_balances


belongs_to :user
belongs_to :leave_type


has_many :leave_balances

I want to output a table format showing user names and their balance by leave type. Not every user can have every balance i.e. outer joins required.

I'd like to see something like this:

Employee   Annual Leave   Sick Leave
Bob        10 
Fred                      9
Sara       12             15

I am unsure how to get this out as a single statement?

I am thinking something like User.joins(:leave_balances).joins(:leave_type)

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You can pass a hash to joins method for nested joins

so you'll do

User.joins(leave_balances: :leave_type)

But that will perform an INNER JOIN, and I think that what you need is an LEFT OUTER JOIN

so you might have to manually write the join as described here

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I recently faced this exact same thing. I switched to Squeel and I am much happier now. Specifically, the syntax for specifying an outer join is very clean:

result = User.joins { leave_balances.outer.leave_type.outer }.where { some_constraints }


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