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I am working with xyPython, specifically a wx.Grid and when I attempt to delete a column from the grid the program crashes and terminal says "Segmentation Error"

dataGrid.CreateGrid(30, 20)



That is pretty much the code. I can delete rows, just not columns. If I remove the delete column line it works fine.

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According to the following thread, you may have to set the column labels yourself or you could get an error:


Then in this newer thread, it's said that you may have to call IncRef: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/wxpython-users/I1kndNvIEEQ

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Thanks so much for putting me on to .IncRef() , it completly solved my problems. Like explained here: link Every time I used SetColAttr(), 'dataGrid.SetColAttr(column, textFormatAttr)' the line prior to that, I needed to call .IncRef() 'textFormatAttr.IncRef()' so.. 'textFormatAttr.IncRef() dataGrid.SetColAttr(column, textFormatAttr)' And yes, It seems I will have to rename the colums every time I delete a row, not really a problem. Thankyou! –  SirHardHead Oct 30 '12 at 9:42


there are parameters for DeleteCols(self, pos, numCols, updateLabels)

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