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i am trying to add a two strings to the web service its working fine when i send through browser and it returns "inserted successfully" but when i run my application its displaying an error as E/Responce(17407): Illegal character in query at index 74: http://purple2.com/beerbro/addgroupon.php?userid=27&data=100001190851696,1|100001640732983,1|100002430763518,1|100002332633534,1|100000549596039,1|1375802933,1|1587585991,1|1569563632,1|100000132426450,1|100004296815391,1|1519195978,1 , i think there is a problem with "|" this but i am not able to find the solution here is the code for(int i=0; i


        else if(i==10)
         String res=UrltoValue.getValuefromUrl(DataUrls.addfriendsurl+"?userid="+usid+"&data="+data.substring(0,data.length()-1));


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*solved :- the actual problem is with "|" this character this should not be used ,i changed this in cms to other character now its working fine – sudheer kumar Oct 29 '12 at 13:03

if '|' is the problem then use URLEncoder and encode the String

String data = URLEncoder.encode("100001190851696,1|100001640732983,1|100002430763518,1|100002332633534,1|100000549596039,1|1375802933,1|1587585991,1|1569563632,1|100000132426450,1|100004296815391,1|1519195978");
String mainURL = "http://purple2.com/beerbro/addgroupon.php?userid=27&data="+data;

Hope this helps you.

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no,its not working – sudheer kumar Oct 29 '12 at 11:02
then the problem is not with '|' can you give more details – user1730706 Oct 29 '12 at 11:36

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