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Well since most of the tutorials and demos chooses to put the partial view in shared folder im asking for a better way to do this.

My problem: I want to use partial views in order to create a dynamic interface with reusable views. As i can with usercontrols. Since there might be a lot of partial views i want to put them in a seperate folder than the shared folder.

example: How it looks today:


  • [View.Home]
    • index.cshtml
  • [View.Shared]
    • _layout.cshtml

A better way [View]

  • [View.Home]
    • index.cshtml
  • [View.Shared]
    • _layout.cshtml
  • [View.Shared.Partial]
    • partial1.cshtml
    • etc

Or should i rethink my approach enirely? if so how? if not what should i think about?

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Here is an example of something I do,

  • Application Wide used partial views - I put them in my Shared directory.
  • Partial Views for a specific Controller - I put them in the Views/[ControllerName] Directory.
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Ah yes, ofcourse. just in the starting pit of embracing mvc. so thank you Yasser for your help :) . Although if im building a larger scale project there might be a structural issue to put all Widely used partial views in the shared folder without a sub folder? –  user1338060 Oct 29 '12 at 12:31

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