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I was trying to replace this (' with (\' and ') with \') My attempts were few as I'm not comfortable with RegExp.

What I tried was myText.replace(/\(\'/g, "(\')"); and myText.replace(/\'\)/g, "\')");

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The problem is not your regex but your replacement. You need to escape the backslash, otherwise it (unnecessarily) escapes the ':

myText = myText.replace(/\('/g, "(\\'");
myText = myText.replace(/'\)/g, "\\')");

With some slightly more advanced techniques (namely a capturing group and a lookahead) you can combine these into one regex:

myText = myText.replace(/(\()'|'(?=\))/g, "$1\\'");

The regex matches either (' or ' if it is followed by ) (without actually matching that). At the same time we "capture" the ( if it is there. The $1 in the replacement string puts the ( back in place if it was captured, and then simply writes out \'. There is no need to write the ) back. Because we used a lookahead, it was never part of the match.

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The first recommendation worked pretty well. That's a good catch. Thanks man! –  Sriram Oct 29 '12 at 13:50

You can do this in one line without regex:

myText = myText.split("('").join("(\\'").split("')").join("\\')");
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