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Ive created/hard coded an extra section of information to the product page template in opencart, but this isn't ideal, so I need to link this section to the admin so that the information contained can be edited on a per product basis from within the admin interface.

What would I need to go about doing to achieve this?

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There's a fair bit to do but not that onerous, in short (assuming it is an additional description):

Add a new field to the database (probably on the product_description table);

Add the new language variables to the language file:


Add the new description/field to the template:


Add the variable definitions/post code etc to the controller file:


Edit the database queries to include the new field (at least Add, edit and delete functions:


If it is a description based field then if you search those files for 'description' and then replicate the code, substituting for your new field name, that should do it.

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