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It may seem to be a simple question but i couldn't find answer to this:

Is there any functionality of udev except for handling hotplugging of devices. Most of the text says that udev also take care of hotplugging, so it should be taking care of something else. But as per my understanding udev takes care of populating the dev nodes with its parent-child-dependency-subsystem-bus etc.

When the kernel detects a hotplug event, it invokes a user space helper registered with /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug, which defaults to /sbin/hotplug. /sbin/hotplug receives the attributes of the hotplugged device in its environment. It runs /etc/hotplug.d/default/10-udev.hotplug after executing other scripts under /etc/hotplug/. When /sbin/udevsend thus gets executed, it passes on the hotplugged device information to udevd, which manages subsequent node creation and removal.

Is there anything more then this related to udev.

Pls help me in same.

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