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Lets say this is the XML file I have.

 <book year="1994">
 <book year="1998">

How do I select all books where the year attribute is <1995 and price is <70.

This is what I have:

for $x in doc("bkstr.xml")/bookstore/book
where $x/price<70 and ??
return $x

How do i check the value of the year attribute?

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Please make sure to post both valid code and example input. You've been missing in in the for-loop and the slash in closing </bookstore>. –  Jens Erat Oct 29 '12 at 11:49

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Attributes are addressed by using @.

for $x in doc("bkstr.xml")/bookstore/book
where $x/price<70 and $x/@year<1995
return $x

You can also use the much shorter equivalent

doc("bkstr.xml")/bookstore/book[price<70 and @year<1995]
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