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I am writing a little file/archives explorer and got an issue with interaction between qt-based app and Skype chat window on Windows platform only.

When I try to drag-drop file (provided by QDrag with file-urls mime data) from my app to skype chat window, file is sent twice. The same I’ve got when tried to modify one of Qt drag-drop examples.

Skype version is Bug is reproducible on Qt versions 4.7.3, 4.8.1, 4.8.3.


Have tried drag-drop interactions between several apps

  • My app -> Explorer = ok
  • My app -> Notepad++ = ok (displays content of file only in one tab)
  • My app -> WinRar = ok (creates archive with only one file)
  • My app -> TotalCommander = ok
  • My app -> ICQ = ok (only one file is sent)
  • My app -> Clementine (Qt based music player) = ok (only one file is added to playlist)
  • Explorer -> Skype = ok


  • My app -> Skype - file is sent twice
  • Clementine -> Skype - file is sent twice


Also, qt-created mime data differs from created by explorer.


  • 0 "text/uri-list" "file:///C:/Users/user/Pictures/myfile.ext"
  • 1 "application/x-qt-windows-mime;value="UniformResourceLocatorW"" "..." (I've replaced QByteArray contents with ellipsis)


  • 0 "application/x-qt-windows-mime;value="Shell IDList Array"" "..."
  • 1 "application/x-qt-windows-mime;value="UsingDefaultDragImage"" "..."
  • 2 "application/x-qt-windows-mime;value="DragImageBits"" "..."
  • 3 "application/x-qt-windows-mime;value="DragContext"" "..."
  • 4 "application/x-qt-windows-mime;value="DragSourceHelperFlags"" "..."
  • 5 "application/x-qt-windows-mime;value="InShellDragLoop"" "..."
  • 6 "text/uri-list" "file:///C:/Users/user/Pictures/myfile.ext"
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One idea is: Create a small helper app, which queries the available data inside a drop element. And see which data a drag from explorer provides and check what your application provides. I would say its a bug in skype, not correctly handling your given mime type or types. –  dowhilefor Oct 29 '12 at 13:39

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I see, it’s not a problem if Qt, it’s wrong mime data processing on Skype side. Along with “text/uri-list”, Qt provides “UniformResourceLocatorW” value with the same data (i cant deny it, it is added a much deeper, than Qt user can get). And Skype processes both values – “text/uri-list” and “UniformResourceLocatorW”, causing sending the same file twice.

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