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I have a tool that converts an data file into a C header file for inclusion into my project. Now I would like to have this tool run automatically during make whenever the data file changes.

Where can I tell Eclipse CDT which tool to run and what data file the header depends on?

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The article "Extending the Eclipse CDT Managed Build System" can give a concrete example of the managed build system (MBS) of CDT.

The MBS can be extended by modifying/adding a "tool" to the tool-chain (An ordered set of tools used to transform the project resources into the final output (build artifacts) of the project)

You should be able to add your tool, and set it up to be active for each file modification.

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Open the properties of your project. There is an entry "Builders" where you can add other executables to the build.

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Thanks. However, this ALWAYS executes the builder, not only when the input file changed. How can I tell about the dependencies? –  Ber Aug 21 '09 at 14:35
Not this way, sorry. This is just a simple way to add extra builders. The makefile must contain the rules to handle the dependencies. –  Aaron Digulla Aug 21 '09 at 14:46

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