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Does windows have performance counters to measure statistics of a dialup connection? Opening up Perfmon I can see that it has a performance counter called "Network Interfaces" which can be used to collect stats on a chosen network interface (mostly LAN cards) but I cannot see my dial up connection in the list here. How do I go about collecting stats like bytes sent/received, speed etc for my dial up connection (which is actually a high speed broadband connection!) What is the perfmon query string I need to use?

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dial up? whats that :) – andrewWinn Aug 21 '09 at 14:00
I know, I know :) but its not really a dialup! The EVDO broadband modem I am using is connected as a USB dialup modem (USB in RS232 emulation mode) – Sandeep Datta Aug 21 '09 at 14:04
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Ok finally got a solution...the windows Dialup API is known as RAS for some reason. Windows vista has several performance counters for RAS services. You can get the required information by reading these counters. Refer "RAS total" and "RAS Port".

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You should take a look at the IP helper API functions:

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