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New laptop, new operating system. Windows Vista premium.

I've installed Visual Studio and IIS 7.0.

I open my web project in visual studio and vist the properties view for the web app.

The webDev server is currently selected.

I select IIS instead and I get the warning IIS telling me I need to install IIS 6.0 configuration compatability/meta base and windows authentication

All those are installed apart from windows authentication (which I am told is not supported for Vista Home Premium).

Is it possible to configure my web apps to run on IIS (I will also need debugging capability)

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You need to turn on Windows Features on for IIS 6.0 configuration Just go Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features On or Off. In opened window choose which configuration is you want to configure your web application

Picture1 Picture2

For more information about IIS7 go to IIS.NET

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