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I can't seem to get apache or PHP on fedora to report errors.

Used xampp on Windows and that has all the settings just right for development, on fedora it's all just wrong I suspect but have no idea how to change it:


Gives me a blank page and in firebug I can see http 500 server error is returned

When I do only phpnfo() I can see:

display_errors  Off Off
display_startup_errors  Off Off

I can see the php.ini there and edit it to:

display_errors = 1
display_startup_errors = 1

and have error_reporting(E_ALL); In my script Restart apache/httpd and still the same, quiet fail and a http 500 in firebug. phpinfo keeps saying that display errors and startup errors are off whatever I try to do.

I would like to see my errors and warnings again.

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Removed anyting php with

yum remove php
yum remove php-*

Then installed php and php-xml php-pdo php-sql again

Edited the php.ini and restated apache, now phpinfo gives the right values and the right error warning reporting.

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You've answered your own question and helped someone else. You might want to accept it as the answer. – nickhar Nov 23 '12 at 11:50
Done, still wondered what would cause it but re installing it seemed to work fine. – HMR Nov 23 '12 at 12:09

Had the same problem. Your solution worked for me.

After removing PHP and dependencies I did the following:

yum -y install php
yum -y install phpmyadmin

edited php.ini:

sudo systemctl restart httpd.service

and everything's fine now. Thanks.

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