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create table ext_table_dat (
    i   Number,
organization external (
    type              oracle_loader
    default directory ext_dir
    access parameters (
        records delimited  by newline
        fields  terminated by ','
        missing field values are null
    location ('$AI_SERIAL/file.dat')
reject limit unlimited;

Without creating directory in oracle. Can I use the above code to create an external table. Because my file.dat is located in another server, its path is $AI_SERIAL/file.dat.

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You can create an external table with any file that is accessible to the account that operates the oracle process.

  • On windows boxes, Oracle is by default setup to be executed from a LOCAL account, i-e it won't be able to access remote directory directly (you'll have to switch to another account).
  • On *nix boxes the owner of the oracle procees needs to be able to see the remote directories.
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