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Is there a way to configure travis-ci to make the Python versions dependent on a certain env var?

Please consider the following travis.yml config:

language: python
  - "2.5"
  - "2.6"
  - "2.7"
  - DJANGO=1.3.4
  - DJANGO=1.4.2
  - pip install -q Django==$DJANGO --use-mirrors
  - pip install -e . --use-mirrors
  - python src/

Among Django 1.3 (DJANGO=1.3.4) and 1.4 (DJANGO=1.4.2) i also want to test against the latest development version of Django (DJANGO=, which is basically Django 1.5.

The problem i see is that travis-ci will automatically run the integration against all specified Python versions. Django 1.5 however doesn't support Python 2.5 anymore. Is it possible to omit it for the Django development version so that i get integrations like this only:


Here's a link to a live example based on Odi's answer which i've been using successfully for a few months:

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Note: in the above example one would have to use - DJANGO=Django==1.3.4 and - pip install -q $DJANGO --use-mirrors for direct installation from tarballs to work. – Mathijs Feb 20 '13 at 23:21
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You can specify configurations that you want to exclude from the build matrix (i.e. combinations that you don't want to test).

Add this to your .travis.yml:

   - python: "2.5"
     env: DJANGO=

Note: only exact matches will be excluded.

See the build documentation (section The Build Matrix) for further information.

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Perfect, exactly what i was looking for. Thanks alot. – Dirk Eschler Oct 31 '12 at 0:41

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