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hi i have to do insert / update information form one external database to the wordpress database (Mysql 5.1). i have read a lot of statements about if exists do... but i don't get it... i tried to do it this way:

             (SELECT *
                FROM wp_MM_usermeta a, wp_mm_corum_user_import
               WHERE     a.user_id =
                     AND user_ID = wp_mm_corum_user_import.`_kflt_Wordpress`
                     AND wp_mm_corum_user_import.`_kflt_Wordpress`
                            IS NOT NULL),
          (UPDATE wp_MM_usermeta, wp_mm_corum_user_import
   SET meta_value = wp_mm_corum_user_import.`_PER::Nachname`
 WHERE     wp_mm_corum_user_import.`_kflt_Wordpress` IS NOT NULL
       AND user_id = wp_mm_corum_user_import.`_kflt_Wordpress`
       AND wp_MM_usermeta.meta_key LIKE 'last_name'), 
       (INSERT INTO wp_MM_usermeta(meta_key, user_id, meta_value)
          (SELECT distinct 'last_name',
             FROM wp_mm_corum_user_import, wp_MM_usermeta
            WHERE     user_id = wp_mm_corum_user_import.`_kflt_Wordpress`

                  AND wp_mm_corum_user_import.`_kflt_Wordpress` IS NOT NULL

but i can't do a insert / update statement during the select ... how can i do this updates / Insert in a performant way? thx for any advice!

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ok, but how can i check if there is an entry in the table before i do an insert? – Roland Oct 29 '12 at 13:05
the insert on duplicate statement is not working for me (at least how i understoot it) – Roland Oct 29 '12 at 13:27
the statement check on duplicate keys. i'm looking for a string like 'last_name' and in this case i have to replace / insert – Roland Oct 29 '12 at 13:28
here an example of the db: colums(user_ID, meta_key, meta_value) values(1,'last_name','roland') or values(2,'first_name','somename') – Roland Oct 29 '12 at 13:31

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