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I'm currently building a UI that builds up queries and I would like to be able to store other expressions in the form of a lambda function (as it makes it easy to add them with intellisense etc). However, I can't find any way of getting eg. a lambda that performs a member access to be converted to an expression that I can then insert into an expression tree.

nb. it isn't just member accesses that I need

ie. I am trying to fill in the body of the following function

Function GetExpression(Of ParamType, ReturnType) _
    (f As Func(Of ParamType, ReturnType)) As Expression
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Are you trying to decompile the Func that is passed in, or you simply want a lambda that calls the Func given an instance of ParamType? –  casperOne Oct 29 '12 at 14:59

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Change your method parameter to this:

Function GetExpression(Of ParamType, ReturnType) _
    (f As Expression(Of Func(Of ParamType, ReturnType))) As Expression

When you call this with a lambda, the compiler will supply the tokenised expression tree to the method instead of the compiled delegate.

Compare and contrast Enumerable.Where, which executes the lambda, with Queryable.Where, which doesn't.

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Thanks, that works really well and it has really made my code much neater! –  wizzardmr42 Oct 31 '12 at 9:46

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