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I can create a user and add a user to a role from the command line:

$ drush user-create organizer1

$ drush user-add-role organizer organizer1
There is no role named: organizer

However, I don't know how to create a role from the command line.

I found this module to modify the perms of a role:


But still I am not able to find a way to create a role

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The answer is here: http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/56451/creating-a-new-user-role-with-drush

Summary is: update to the latest Drush to be able to do it.

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Apparently thee is no drush command to do it. I have resolved it by accessing the database directly:

$ drush sql-query --db-prefix "INSERT INTO {role} (name, weight) VALUES('organizer', 3)"
test_command "sql-query --db-prefix \"INSERT INTO {role} (name, weight) VALUES('organizer', 3)\"" $?

$ drush sql-query --db-prefix "UPDATE {role} SET weight=4 WHERE (name='administrator')"

Please take into account that this solution only works for MySQL.

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Should be used by drush command.

drush user-add-role "power user" 5,user3  

Add the "power user" role to the accounts with name, id, or email 5 or user3

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Adds the "power user" role, but only if the role already exists. –  Freeman Oct 29 '12 at 15:07

This works for me in D7:

drush php-eval 'user_role_save((object) array("name"=>"administrator"));'

If you also want to make the new role the super-admin role:

drush php-eval 'variable_set("user_admin_role", end(array_keys(user_roles())))'; 

Afterwards, the following creates a new "super-admin" user:

drush user-create Dries --mail="dries@example.com" --password="iheartjoomla"
drush user-add-role administrator Dries
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