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This does not hide the month and day widgets entirely...

{% block date_widget %}
    {% spaceless %}
        {% if widget == 'single_text' %}
            {{ block('field_widget') }}
        {% else %}
            <div {{ block('widget_container_attributes') }}>
                {{ date_pattern|replace({
                '{{ year }}':  form_widget(form.year),
                '{{ month }}': form_widget(form.month, { 'attr' : { 'style': 'display:none' }}),
                '{{ day }}': form_widget(, { 'attr' : { 'style': 'display:none' }}),
                })|raw }}
        {% endif %}
    {% endspaceless %}
{% endblock date_widget %}

...and this:

'{{ month }}': '',
'{{ day }}': '',

fails during validation.

Any ideas how we can remove day and month widgets from the date form field?

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The date type without the month and day parts is just a year type. So, why don't you create one instead of misusing the type meant for dates?

You could use the choice type or create a year type based on it. You could also take a look at the years options of the birthday type and add a similar option to your new type.

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