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We have a requirement in our iOS5/6 app to remove the badge number from our app icon, but leave the notification text in the notification center. Setting the badge number to 0 clears out the notification text as well.

Our potential solution is to set the badge number to -1, which seems to do exactly what we are looking for. Does anyone else have any experience with doing this?

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When you open the app and set the application badge to 0, all the notifications of the notification center are cleared.

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Understood, I am looking for a way to reset the badge number without clearing the notifications. I have an approach that works, and am looking for validation or alternatives. –  Robert Zahm Nov 9 '12 at 18:58
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This works as expected in iOS 5 and 6.0. We are able to remove the badge icon, but not the notification text by setting the badge number to -1.

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