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I need to create a system plugin with one goal - add extra group fields of parameters to all module available.

There's one solution that I know of - into every XML manifest of every module add extra parameters, but this is bad solution for two reason:

1) It make impossible to update the modules without loosing these changes
2) Its is lot of work
3) It makes extending of these parameters almost impossible

What I want to do:

I want to make a systems plugin, that adds to every installed module a group of parameters.

What I am asking for:

I looked through the internet for a solution. I found out that I don't need to create new type of parameter. I want to use built-in type - text or list.

There is some tutorials, which have info about adding parameters to a single module and retrieving them for this single module helper.php. Yes, that's the thing I don't want too.

I asking for a link to bunch of tutorials or advice how to proceed further without tutorials.

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this module is using what you are searching for. If you have time you may analise it and maybe you'll find answer. Advanced module manager

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Yes, thank you. Extract it from different component of module is very time consuming and not clearafing as i want the advice to be :-) If someone will find a documentation link, i will be happy :-) Jonuxx Thank you. –  Marek Tesař Oct 31 '12 at 0:16

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