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I'm trying to do this in Ant:

<echo message="&#27;[44;1;37mSuccess!&#27;[m" />

But it doesn't work:

./build.xml:92: Character reference "&#

How to do it?

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The 0x1B character is invalid in XML contents (Invalid Characters in XML). So you need some workaround. I would go with a javascript workaround, but I give also 2 additional solutions:


<script language="javascript">
  project.setNewProperty("esc", "\u001b");


If you want the output in a file, then you could first output it using java escape \u001b, then convert it using reverse Native2Ascii routine. Regardless of the selected encoding it always decodes \u sequences.

<echo file="a.enc">\u001b</echo>
<native2ascii includes="a.enc" ext=".txt" dest="${basedir}"
              encoding="iso-8859-1" reverse="true" />

property file

Finally you may have the unfortunate string constant in a file:

<property file="prop.txt" />

while the prop.txt contents is:

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Simply use CDATA :



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& is a special character in ant, so you should replace it with '

<echo message="&amp;#27;[44;1;37mSuccess!&amp;#27;[m" />
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You meant &amp; probably. But in this case I will see an ampersand in console, while I'm expecting \x1b (ESC symbol) –  yegor256 Oct 29 '12 at 14:27
yes, i meant &amp; –  magodiez Oct 29 '12 at 14:35

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