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i am trying to write a ctools multistep wizard, here is my wizard function;

function _mymodule_adv_wizard($js=NULL, $step="step1") {

  $form_info = array();
  $form_info["id"]              = SK_ADV_WIZARD_ID;
  $form_info["path"]            = "tests/adv/mymodule/%step";

  $form_info["show trail"]      = TRUE;
  $form_info["show back"]       = TRUE;
  $form_info["show cancel"]     = TRUE;
  $form_info["show return"]     = TRUE;

  $form_info["next callback"]   = "_my_module_adv_wizard_on_next";
  $form_info["finish callback"] = "_my_module_adv_wizard_on_finish";
  $form_info["cancel callback"] = "_my_module_adv_wizard_on_cancel";

  $form_info["order"]           = array("step1" => t("Stap 1"), "step2" => t("Stap 2"), "step3" => t("Stap 3"), "step4" => t("Stap 4"), "step5" => t("Stap 5"), "step6" => t("Stap 6"), "step7" => t("Stap 7"), "step8" => t("Stap 8"));

  $form_info["forms"]           = array(); 
  $form_info["forms"]["step1"]  = array("form id" => "_my_module_adv_step1_form");
  $form_info["forms"]["step2"]  = array("form id" => "_my_module_adv_step2_form");
  $form_info["forms"]["step3"]  = array("form id" => "_my_module_adv_step3_form");
  $form_info["forms"]["step4"]  = array("form id" => "_my_module_adv_step4_form");
  $form_info["forms"]["step5"]  = array("form id" => "_my_module_adv_step5_form");
  $form_info["forms"]["step6"]  = array("form id" => "_my_module_adv_step6_form");
  $form_info["forms"]["step7"]  = array("form id" => "_my_module_adv_step7_form");
  $form_info["forms"]["step8"]  = array("form id" => "_my_module_adv_step8_form");

  $form_state = array("ajax" => FALSE, "object_id" => SK_ADV_OBJECT_ID, "object" => new stdClass());

  //initialize ctools wizard
  $form = ctools_wizard_multistep_form($form_info, $step, $form_state); 
  return theme('my_module_wrapper', array('formwrapper'  =>  $form, 'page'  =>  $step));

Everything is fine and i can access pages seperately but the buttons don't get printed so i can't go to the submit and validate functions. I have another wizard with diff. id and form defs but it works like a charm. What could be the reason.

p.s. all functions and variables are declared in the code above.

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Do you reset the form-array at your first step?

function _my_module_adv_step1_form($form, &$form_state){
    $form = array(); // this remove your submit-buttons. Delete this line and your bottons will appear.
    //... your form elements...
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nope, &$form is passed by reference, i don't create it –  eyurdakul Feb 20 '13 at 10:50

This is not an answer but posting as an answer because comment box is not enough for this.

My best guessing is that you need to add the buttons on your won.

function _my_module_adv_step1_form($form, &$form_state){
  ... your form elements...
  $form['next'] = array(
    '#type' => 'submit',
    '#value' => t('Next'),
    '#submit' => array('_my_module_adv_wizard_on_next'),
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thanks for your comment, this would be a solution but normally, ctools wizard renders buttons automatically. the strange thing is i have another wizard in the same module and it has buttons. i am debugging in the wizard.inc of ctools and i can confirm that the buttons get inserted in the form array. getting mad!!!! –  eyurdakul Oct 31 '12 at 11:10

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