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Is there some sort of Display PostScript element that can be added to a GUI in Java? I am much more fluent in PostScript than in Java, and I need to do some more complicated shapes and hit detection, which would be far easier using a Display PostScript system.

Is there such a library in existence? If there is, what is it/where can I go to find it?

I have searched on google for it, but I can't find anything that really could do what I want, because of the large number of only partially-relevant results my searches have turned up.

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There's Toastscript, but I don't think they added DPS.... There may be a way to interface with ghostscript as a library. It has the level-2 insidedness-testing operators. – luser droog Oct 31 '12 at 7:31
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Of course you can do it with Ghost4J :

// load PDF document
PDFDocument document = new PDFDocument();
document.load(new File("input.pdf"));

// create renderer
SimpleRenderer renderer = new SimpleRenderer();

// set resolution (in DPI)

// render
List<Image> images = renderer.render(document);

If you want to render Postscript instead of PDF : used PSDocument class instead. The full example is available here.

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You can use Ghost4J. It provides features like converting .ps to .pdf and rendering .pdf-s using ImageIO, which can be applied as a solution to your problem.

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OK, I'll have to try it, but it looks like that might work. – AJMansfield Nov 14 '12 at 18:33

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