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I have a wp site. a slider with caption + url. i want to get on each slide a button with "Read more" and the url from the slider (input in admin panel).

i have the following code:

var imgLink = $("#flex-container-43 ul li a").blur(function() {$("#flex-container-43 ul li a").attr("href")});
$('#flex-container-43').prepend('<a href="' + imgLink + '"><img src="<?php bloginfo( 'template_url' ); ?>/img/button.png" class="buttonimg" /></a>');

and I get the blog url followed by /[object Object]

any idea/hand on this? thanks in advance for the time you guys! cheers!

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When your question has been answered, please mark the correct answer as accepted. This is not a 90s message board so we don't do this by editing "solved" into the title. You've been here for over a year and already accepted answers to several other questions so I feel like you should know this by now. :) –  Lightness Races in Orbit Oct 29 '12 at 16:50
my bad, sorry on that. cheers –  bboy Nov 2 '12 at 22:28

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You are assigning the imgLink variable to an element (or more correctly a jQuery object which represents the elements and its associated methods).


var imgLink = $("#flex-container-43 ul li a").blur(function() {$("#flex-container-43 ul li a").attr("href")});


var imgLink = "";
$("#flex-container-43 ul li a").blur(function() {
   imgLink = $("#flex-container-43 ul li a").attr("href")

This will create a variable for imgLink within the required scope, then place the href attribute into that variable when the event fires.

P.S: Your code may still not do what you want, i have only answered why you get the object returning and not the href attribute. The code in its current format doesn't seem to make much sense.

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hi Lee! thanks a lot for the answer and explaining. changed that and am getting an empty string now in console.log –  bboy Oct 29 '12 at 14:49
solved! used .prepend img to the link. thanks a lot for the support! –  bboy Oct 29 '12 at 15:24

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