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I'm learning Django, and I come from a rails background. As such, I'm asking a bunch of questions trying to find some grounding in django.

When you call a partial in rails, you have the option to include some local variables as part of the call:

 render 'folder_name/partial_name', :local_variable_name => 6 #or @variable or "a string" etc.."

then in the partial, the variable "local_variable_name" is available:

 <h1><%= local_variable_name %></h1>

Is there some equivalent in the django include? eg, any way to change this to accomplish this task:

 {% include 'folder_name/partial_name.html' %} 
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As per the Django documentation:

You can pass additional context to the template using keyword arguments:

{% include "name_snippet.html" with person="Jane" greeting="Hello" %}

If you want to only render the context with the variables provided (or even no variables at all), use the only option:

{% include "name_snippet.html" with greeting="Hi" only %}


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